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Heroes & Humans is launching on March 21. The voices behind it are already widely trusted. The concept fills a sizable void in an enormous listener category. The marketing strategy is comprehensive and ambitious. Read more below or email us if you want to speak about partnership opportunities.
The opportunity

A dynamic duo with unique chemistry. The podcast is led by two hosts of whom one is widely regarded among the world’s top football storytellers, and the other is an extremely football-passionate rising star in the global media industry. Different background, different ages, different ages, and a shared passion, vibe and humour.

Unlocking both halves of the population. She is also a young, female voice – in a still extremely male-dominated media environment.

Partnering with the world’s largest football community. The podcast launch includes a comprehensive marketing campaign through 433, the world’s largest social community for football with 115m+ followers.

Enormous market, evident gap. Among the global top 25 podcasts today, none is a sports podcast, despite 20% of podcast listening being in the sports category.

Household names as topics. Each episode will portray a key individual in soccer, such as Messi, Salah or Rapinoe.

No comparable product. When searching at the audio platforms today, such as Spotify or Apple Podcasts, you find no audio-biographies in English about these people, who are among the world's most popular personalities.

Built to maximise reach. Our concept includes the world’s biggest sport and depicts the most interesting characters in it.

A human touch. Our approach is to delve deep into their personal journeys, challenges, triumphs, and the human emotions that connect us all.

A weekday with many listeners and few releases. We release our podcast on Thursdays, when few others release football podcasts, despite Thursdays being one of the most listened days of the week.

An emotional and effective advertising format. Numerous studies have shown that podcast advertising is exceptionally good for forging personal bonds with audiences and establishing brand reputations.

A partner with high ambitions for your brand. Our ambition is to shift perceptions of podcast advertising and position it as a pinnacle of creative branding.

Quotes from the pilot audience

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"A fun, engaging, insider look at the people in football. Full of knowledgeable discussion, likeable hosts, interesting facts – all layered upon very easy and light style."

"A thoroughly engaging study of football greats, as told by two knowledgeable and entertaining journalists."

"It’s very good. I like these deep dive shows that aren’t just about the here and now."

"I would highly recommend it, and I already have."

"Like the male/female dynamic and the nice cutting jibes. Jibes are no fun unless they are in some way cutting!"

"Entertaining, accessible."

"Wonderfully in-depth biography."

"Kupertastic facts."

"Enlightening, refreshing, professional."

"This is a sophisticated, rapid-paced and insightful nuanced conversation by two hosts who really understand the game they love."

“This is a sophisticated, rapid-paced and insightful nuanced conversation by two hosts who really understand the game they love.”

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Heroes & Humans of Football
Launched: March 2024


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